Month: May 2010

ACP Weekly 55 Play in new window | Download Animation Conversation Weekly ep. no. 55 The weekly podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie & Will Ashurst. ACP News: Studio AKA win BAFTA Craft award for BBC winter olympic titles Studio AKA winter olympic titles “Despicable Me” featurette Classic Movie Review: This week its Dreamworks Antz (1998) Next […]

Annecy features in competition

Here it is, the 7 feature films competing this year at Annecy 2010. “Fantastic Mr. Fox“ “Metropia“ “Eleanor’s Secret“ “Piercing 1” “Summer Wars“ “One Piece Film: Strong World“ “Allez Raconte“ Lots of japanese animation this year. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, but they do produce a lot every year. I’m glad to see […]

Nick Cross

Nick Cross shows several stages of how he uses flash to animate , this is from his latest film ‘ The Pig Farmer’ which you can help finance over at Indie GoGo And here is one of his films, ‘Yellow Cake’ which I love, so help Nick produce yet another gem! Will