ACP 68: Will’s big break

Feb 01

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The ACP podcast is presented by: Will Ashurst, Carl Corneil and Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Again, the week where we all gather around our radio-sets to hear this years Oscar and Bafta nominations. Will is disappointed with Shrek 4 not showing up on the list and Carl is rooting for his favorite, “The day the dragon got trained”. Erlend doesn’t give a crap as long as his hens are still laying eggs. One thing for certain: We all watched Watership down this week, and enjoyed it immensely.

ACP News:

Classic movie review

This weeks movie is “Watership down” (1978).

Directed by Martin Rosen.

Our verdict: * * * * * * * * * 9 stars.

For next week, we will review the Disney classic: “Song of the South” from 1946.


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Carl & Will & Erlend


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3 Responses to “ACP 68: Will’s big break”

  1. Olivier L. says:

    not sure which episode I listened to but regarding younger animators working
    on Pixar short films,
    this is not true. You just need to look at the credits đŸ™‚

  2. erlend says:

    To clearify:
    My sources have told me that Pixar sometimes commision shorts from prominent animation schools (like The Academy
    of Arts University in San Francisco) and then assist the schools with guest speakers and other training.
    They then go on to hire some of the students working on those shorts, in effect training their future employees by letting them work on shorts. These are not the short you see in front of a main feature.

    I realize this is a rumor and that this is not what I said on the podcast. I will have to keep my facts straight from now on.

    Thanks for pointing this out, Olivier.

  3. Stuart Suther-Baker says:

    I love Watership Down, I always get upset when the bunnies die in the tunnel and when the rabbit had to gnaw his arm off with a Leatherman when he got it trapped in a rock, intense.