ACP Weekly 60

Sep 15


The podcast is back!

The ACP podcast is presented by: Erlend Dal Sakshaug, Morten Øverlie & Will Ashurst.

ACP News:

Top 3 list of the week:

Top 3 childrens books made into animated features

Classic Movie Review:

Buzz Lightyear threatening Woody

Buzz Lightyear threatening Woody

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2 Responses to “ACP Weekly 60”

  1. Peter Pan was a play. Any book adaptations came later.

    My picks for the top 3 animated movies based upon books would be:

    1. Charlotte’s Web
    2. Return of the King
    3. The Hobbit

    Others I liked would be Watership Down, The Phantom Tollbooth and The Secret of NIMH.

  2. erlend says:

    We stand corrected. And your picks are obviously more thought out than ours (no irony).