ALERT!: ACP Available on iTunes!

Apr 27

Hey party people!

We just wanted to update you on our ongoing problems we have been having with iTunes.

First, the bad news: Turns out it was our fault all the time.

The the good news: We fixed it!

More bad news: You have to resubscribe to the podcast in iTunes.
Just do a search for “Animation Conversation” in iTunes and all should be good!

Thank you for your patience!

ACP Team


4 Responses to “ALERT!: ACP Available on iTunes!”

  1. You should add and iTunes button on the webpage. It makes it easier for people to subscribe.

  2. What was the problem?

  3. erlend says:

    Patrick: A iTunes-button is a great idea. We will do that!

    Michael: The technical answer: We used to just link to the mp3 on our wordpress blog, and leave the RSS-stream to feedburner, but now I use a wordpress-plugin that does everything for us (with far less non-standard html-problems.