AC 24: Weekly

Sep 30


Animation Conversation Weekly nr24!
The weekly podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie & Erlend Dal Sakshaug

Made a shortfilm? Do the festival circuit or go online?
Software: Pencil
Norwegian Petition:  Show animated features in original language in proper theatres.
Iphone software: Hitchcock

We summarise this years Cartoon Forum, in Stavanger, Norway. Howard Litton, from Nickelodean, gives us an inside peek into the workings of the tv-animation business, and we get an inside scoop from Norway’s, probably, smartest animation producer – Frank Mosvold from Kool Productions.

Movie Review:
We review Pixar’s “UP.”

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Enjoy the show!
Erlend & Morten

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2 Responses to “AC 24: Weekly”

  1. Klingos says:

    I just found your podcast today and Im already addicted to it