AC04: News and Movie predictions


This week: News and movie predictions.

Kjetil Birtles
Morten Øverlie (co-host)
Erlend Dal Sakshaug (host)

The 2008 Oscars
Annecy 2008

Toy Story 3
Horton Hears a who
Rapunzel (unbraided?)
Note: Also see under the picks section
Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs
. Evil
Fraggle Rock the movie
Madagascar: The Crate Escape
Kung Fu Panda
Tortoise vs. Hare (dropped?)
Note: Dreamworks and Aardman is no longer collaborating

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. They signed a 3-picture deal, but parted due to creative differences after Flushed away was released in 2006. Aardman is currently in a three-year deal with Sony Pictures.
The Illusionist
Food Fight

Picks of the week:
The Art of Glen Keane

Session pictures:
pic 14
Can you smell the palm oil?

pic 08
Is it time to take our clothes of now?

pic 24
Where is this suppose to go?

pic 5
He promised us pizza, and all I got was this lousy fruit flavored fish

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pic 11
Up, up, up and away!

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Erlend Dal Sakshaug

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