AC09: Interview with Keith Lango Part 2

Oct 10


Keith is a well known figure in the animation industry. He has worked for many highly regarded animation studioes, including Blur, ReelFX and DNA Productions.

He is currently training new talent through his Animation Personal Trainer (APT) and his Video Tutorial Service (VTS).

This is part 2 of my interview, recorded June 27th 2008.

Listen to the podcast for more details, and visit his blog at:
Thanks again to Keith for doing the interview!

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Enjoy the show!

Erlend Dal Sakshaug

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4 Responses to “AC09: Interview with Keith Lango Part 2”

  1. Ratul Sarna says:

    Thanx for doing these podcasts,,I’ve listened to 4 of them and love them..They’re really informative and i got to learn a lot..
    Please continue making these,,
    Also the 2nd part of Keith interview ends abruptly,,m i downloading it wrongly?

    Thanx again
    and please keep producing!!

  2. erlend says:

    Thank you Ratul. We love feedback.
    Good feedback is even better.

    And thank you for noticing me about the corrupt file. For some reason, I’ve had trouble uploading some of the mp3-files. No idea why.
    I’ll try and fix this A.S.A.P (The complete podcast is uploading right now)

  3. Very inspiring interview w/ Keith.
    I will surely listen to the other podcasts and leave a donation as a thank for effort.
    Thanks đŸ™‚
    Jais Bredsted, Copenhagen, Denmark
    A happy Animation Mentor Class 2 student and a happy KeithLango subriber.

  4. erlend says:

    Thanks Jais! Appreciate that.