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Animation Conversation Weekly nr12!

The weekly podcast is presented by:
Morten Øverlie & Erlend Dal Sakshaug

We are again sorry about the length of the show. We will try to make it shorter next week.
A big thanks to everybody that contributed!

News Links:

UP, UP and away!

Oscars x 10

Paul McCartney to score animated movie?

Spongebob Squarepants celebrated

Trippy Spongebob (via Cartoon brew)

Dreamworks up for grabs?


Thanks to the generous people over at norsk animsjon we’re able to give away a DVD of Porco Rosso. If you can answer this question the DVD could be yours: What is the direct English translation of  “Kurenai no buta”, the Japanese title of Porco Rosso. Send the answer to:

Movie Review:

Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Book reviews:
(Featuring Yaprak Morali)

Brilliant web site about Ghibli studio:
Some ghibli art books:
Example of storyboard book:
Oga Kazuo:
Day Dream Data Notes:

Movie of the week:


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Erlend & Morten