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Oct 07


Animation Conversation Weekly nr25!
The weekly podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie & Erlend Dal Sakshaug


First 5 minutes of Disney´s “Princess and the Frog” out on youtube.
Animerte dager i Fredrikstad.
Behind the scenes, “the Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Book Review: Edmond Kiraz
Article about Edmond Kiraz
Book recommendation 1
Book recommendation 2

We met up with producer Anttu Harlin from Finnish Anima Boutique, the guys behind the beautiful and heartwarming “Ella ja Aleksi“. I managed to mess up the last minute of the interview while exporting. Correct version will be up tomorrow 09.10-2009. Sorry about that – Morten

Movie Review:
We review Dreamwork´s “Shrek.

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Enjoy the show!
Erlend & Morten

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