ACP 27: Weekly


Animation Conversation Weekly nr. 27!
The weekly podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie & Erlend Dal Sakshaug

Animation tools for 3DMax from DTools.
New trailer for Adam Elliot’s “Mary & Max.”
“My Dog Tulip.”
“How to train your dragon” characters revealed.
Mark Dindal to direct live action feature.
Henry Sellick to leave Laika.

We were fortunate enough to meet up with animator Jens Gulliksen, who’s worked on big productions like “Corpse Bride”, “Max & Co” and “the Fantastic Mr. Fox” to name a few

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. Here is the 2. half you’ve been craving for. PS: I apologize for the background noise, it does get better throughout the interview. Yes, i will not use the same place again during lunch hours 🙂

Movie Review:
We review Disney’s “Bolt.”

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Enjoy the show!
Erlend & Morten


2 thoughts on “ACP 27: Weekly”

  • I wasn’t expecting a lot from Bolt so when I saw it I was really pleased. I already knew it looked great… but the story was respectable and funny too. Not the best but totally decent..

    Shrek may have been swamped in similar styles of movies and sequels since it came out but that’s just a sign of how influential it was. It was a big turning point for animation and signified the beginning of a medium that was far less concerned about taking the mickey out of itself.

    Aladdin kicks the Black Cauldron’s butt!

    Can you publish the list you’ve put together so far?

  • hey,this is Michael Granlund,just discovered your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I quote some of the information found in your post to my local students?i am not sure and what you think?anyhow,Thx!

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