ACP 65: A Jizzmas Carol

Dec 13
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Back to reality.

The ACP podcast is presented by: Carl, Morten and Erlend.

This is the week we talk about the Dreamworks, the Annie Awards, the Arthur Christmas, and we have plenty of penis jokes. This weeks movie: Richard Williams “A Christmas Carol”!

ACP News:

Classic Movie Review: A Christmas Carol

This week we review: “A Christmas Carol” (1971), directed by Richard Williams

Our verdict: * * * * 4 stars.


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Enjoy the show!

Carl & Morten & Erlend

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One Response to “ACP 65: A Jizzmas Carol”

  1. I almost expected someone to bring up Fritz the Cat (although I’ve never seen it), especially since Cool World was mentioned.

    I’m a little surprised that you should be so hard on William’s Christmas Carol.
    I watched it again the other day and I had forgotten just how beautifully it had been done.
    It’s probably the best of all the animated versions. You’re unlikely to ever see something like this again.

    It may be a little short but you have to remember that this was
    all done by hand on a TV budget. And it was made for an audience well
    familiar with the story, in particular the Alastair Sim’s live-action version.

    I always found A Christmas Carol to be one of the more upbeat of Dicken’s stories.
    Some of his stuff can be very depressing.