ACP 67: The Skype Plague

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It’s a new year of ACP.

The ACP podcast is presented by: Will Ashurst, Carl Corneil and Erlend Sakshaug.

Another year, another podcast! This week we review The movie The Plague Dogs, and talk about the year that went by. There is also some elaboration going on around the technique of elongated inbetweens. And as always, we talk about the two weeks that went by in our animation news section

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. Again, we had quite a bit of trouble with Skype, so we might seem a bit off at times, but it will hopefully be resolved by next week

ACP News:

A look at 2010:

A list from of all the animated features that was released last year

Classic movie review

This weeks movie is “The Plague Dogs” (1982).

Directed by Martin Rosen.

Our verdict: * * * * * * * * 8 stars.

For next week, we will review Martin Rosen’s other classic: “Watership down” from 1978


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Enjoy the show!

Carl & Will & Erlend



4 thoughts on “ACP 67: The Skype Plague”

  • I know you say there is a download link for the episodes in your page for those not using Itunes but THERE ISN’T ANY.
    If you persist, then please, where is the download link?

  • Hi David!

    Thank you for pointing out this problem.

    We are well aware of this problem, and I have been trying to fix it for quite some time (having limited time to do so. The thing is, you can download the podcast from the front-page, but not if you click on a post. I will have to put this way up on my priority-list. I’m no expert on Java and html/CSS, so for me, this is like finding a needle in a container.. filled with hay.

    Don’t forget, you can still find the podcasts if you go to the front-page, AND we are available on iTunes.

    Keep listning,


  • Hi again David (and everyone else). I just managed to find the source to this problem. Turns out a plugin we use (SEO Ultimate) conflicts with the podcast plugin we use (TSG Podcasting).

    Thanks for reminding me on this serious bug.


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