ACP Annecy 2010 Day 6 coverage

Jun 13

Day 6.
Saturday, June 12th, 2010

This is our last day on location at the annual Annecy 2010 animation festival in France. Today, we brought together a small group of people to do a recap of the festival. We hope you had a great time following us this week, and hopefully you felt a little bit of the magic that is the Annecy festival.

Thanks to Martin Klint & Carl F. Corneil for helping me out today.

C U in a year-6 days!

Listen to the podcast, and come back to this page for links to anything discussed.

Show notes:

Short films in competition 5:
Roku-Jyo To Yo-Juo-Han/Two Rooms, Japan, 2010, 6m45s, Atsuko Nagashima
Monstre Sacré, France, 2009, 9m35s, Jean-Claude Rozec
Zhila-Bila Mukha/Once There Was A Fly, Russia, 2009, 13m, Alena Oyatyeva
Playground, Japan, 2010, 3m50s, Mirai Mizue
Vem Blöder?/Who’s Bleeding?, Sweden, 2010, 4m, Jessica Lauren, Film Tecknarna Animation-Fiction
Love Patate, France, 2010, 14m, Gilles Cuvelier
Teclópolis,  Argentina, 2009, 12m10s, Javier Mrad, Can Can Club
Le Silence Sous/The Silence Beneath The Bark, L’Écorce, France, 2009, 11m8s, Joanna, Lurie, Lardeux Films, Sens-Fiction Productions
Love & Theft, Germany, 2009,  6m49s, Andreas Hykade, Studio Bilder GMBH


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