ACP Biweekly 64

Nov 26

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Back to reality.

The ACP podcast is presented by: Carl, Will and Erlend.

We are back from Fredrikstad animation festival, but Morten is still hung over, so we had to bring in his nemesis, Carl.

This is the week we talk about the 2011 Oscar contenders, The Toy Story 3 that never was, Pixar’s “it gets better”, the HOP-trailer and of course, This weeks movie: Dumbo!

ACP News:

Classic Movie Review: Dumbo

This week we review:  “Dumbo” (1941), directed by Samuel Armstrong, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts and Ben Sharpsteen. Dumbo, The greatest little elephant poster, with subtitle The Flying elephant. Dumbo is holding a feather

Our verdict: * * * * * 5 stars.

In two weeks, we will review Richard Williams’ “A Christmas Carol” from 1971.

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Enjoy the show!

Carl & Will & Erlend


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