ACP Weekly 35

Dec 20


Animation Conversation Weekly nr. 35
The weekly podcast is presented by: Erlend Dal Sakshaug and guest-host Will Ashurst.

ACP News:

Classic movie review of the week:

How the Grinch stole christmas, from 1966.
Written by Dr Seuss, directed by Chuck Jones & co-directed by Ben Washam.

The Grinch

Next weeks classic movie is:
A Charlie Brown Christmas” from 1965 directed by Bill Melendez. Written by Charles M. Schulz.


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Will & Erlend

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One Response to “ACP Weekly 35”

  1. Aandersen is well known around the world, just about as well known as the Grimm’s Brothers. There was an American movie made years ago about him which was really popular, but his stories have been used as source material for many movies.

    It’s great to hear that there’s another version of Snow Queen coming out. It will be interesting to see what Disney does with it. There’s been many animated and live action versions, including an animated TV series from Japan.

    Grinch was never made as a movie; it was made as a TV special (as with other Dr. Suess specials) which is why it’s 25 minutes long. Like the Charlie Brown special, it has been standard fair for just about every year since it was made.

    Some of Rankin Bass’s work can be hard to find, although the recent the WB releases have made it easier. Much of the work had fallen into public domain and could often be found on
    cheap children’s videotapes and sometimes DVDs (like the dollar store stuff). Many of those cheap children’s DVDs often feature classic animation that’s fallen into PD. Some real gems can be found if you’re willing to look. (Although I don’t know how common they are over there.)