ACP Weekly 37


Animation Conversation Weekly nr. 37

Happy New Year!

Classic movie review of the week:
“Heavy Metal“, from 1981.
Written by Daniel Goldberg & Len Blum and more. Directed by Gerald Potterton.

Next weeks classic movie is:
The Rescuers (1977)
Directed by John Lunsbery, Wollie Reitherman and Art Stevens.
Written by Margery Sharp

ACP Summary of 2009:

  • Internet changes everything.
  • The youtube-decade!
  • Pixar the new Disney?
  • The death and ressurection of 2D.
  • Animation directors become household names?
  • Norwegian animation makes a mark?
  • Favourite movie of the decade?
  • Great animators that are no more.
  • What about the next decade?
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    Enjoy the show!
    Will, Morten & Erlend

    One thought on ACP Weekly 37

    1. Heavy Metal was really developed from the Heavy Metal magazine which became known
      for it’s beautiful illustrations. Unfortunately, because all the attention was
      put into the artwork, absolute no attention went into the stories. It did make an
      impact at the time because just about all the other animated movies produced at
      the time were Disney movies.

      Heavy Metal 2000 is a much different movie. HM2K has a complete SF storyline and
      is reminiscent of Starchaser:Legend of Orin. There’s a lot of people who didn’t like
      MH2K as much because it differed so much from the first film, but I found the second
      film better.

      Other ensemble animated movies worth looking for are Robot Carnival and the more
      recent Genius Party. Both have been produced in Japan.

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