ACP Weekly 38

Jan 22


Animation Conversation Weekly nr. 38

Happy New Year!
The weekly podcast is presented by: Erlend Dal Sakshaug, Morten Øverlie and Will Ashurst.

ACP News
Paul McCartney Golden Globe speech.
John K being awesome.
“Up” wins Golden Globe.
“Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Oscar chances by Disney Execs.”

Classic movie review of the week:
“the Resuers“, from 1977.
Directed by John Lounsbery, Wollie Reiterman and Art Stevens.

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Enjoy the show!
Will, Morten & Erlend

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2 Responses to “ACP Weekly 38”

  1. There’s some footage from Rescuers used in Rescuers 2(where they fly off from the rooftop) and the difference in styles really stands out. The scene from the first film
    appears hand drawn while the rest of the movie appears to have been computer coloured.

  2. erlend says:

    Interesting stuff. I will make sure I notice it when ever I get to see the movie.

    Thanks for your comments Patrick. You are a great contributor!