ACP Weekly 43

Feb 25


Animation Conversation Weekly nr. 43

The weekly podcast is presented by: Will Ashurst, Yaprak Morali and Morten Øverlie.

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ACP News:
Trailer for the documentary “Waking Sleeping Beauty”, directed by Don Hahn
“The Illusionist”, a short interview with Sivain Chomet
Interview with Tom Moore about “the Secret of Kells”
Mark McDonnel, from Disney, talks about gesture drawing
Interview with Steven Spielberg on the new Tintin movie

Movie review of the week:
“Cats don’t dance” (’97), Directed by Mark Dindall

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Enjoy the show!
Morten, Will & Erlend

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One Response to “ACP Weekly 43”

  1. I’m glad you could review Cat’s Don’t Dance. Despite it’s faults it’s still one of the few movies I come back to time and time again for inspiration. I love the animation and spirited singing and dancing. It represents a parallel world of gorgeous 2D animation I wish i could have been a part of.