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ACP 77: A little under the weather

Mar 15

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Getting back in shape

The ACP podcast is presented by Will Ashurst & Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Buster Keaton and Mr. Morris - Seperated at birth?It’s the end of the winter season here in Oslo, and everyone has a little bit of a cold going on. You will hear some sniffling, and some occational dry sounding voices, but we are definitely optimistic about the following season. Pixar is coming out with a new film, A new-new film (no sequals) and Will is starting fresh on a new Norwegian film about Pelle the Police Car. So keep you chin up and go out and enjoy the fresh spring weather, but remember to wear a scarf!


Movie of the week:

Puss in boots (2011)
Directed by Chris Miller
Rating: 8/10.
Next weeks movie: Rango (2011)


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Will & Erlend