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ACP 76: Dave King interview

Mar 05

Tequila talks™ with Dave King.

The ACP podcast is presented by Morten Øverlie, Will Ashurst & Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Over a year ago, at The Fredrikstad Animation Festival, we did a hand ful of interviews with animation professionals and others. A couple of these interviews were released within the next few months, but another couple was never released, until now(!), and this one is a real treat. We present to you the infamous Dave King AKA Larry King AKA Larry David AKA Dick Clark. Teacher at Volda University College in Norway, Co-founder of Raindog Studios, art director and so much more.

Hope you enjoy this lenghty interview. We did!




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Enjoy the show!

Will & Erlend


Day 4: Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Nov 14

Saturday was another exciting day at the festival. We got to do some interesting and eye opening interviews which you will get to enjoy later this fall. The day ended with a fun prize ceremony and a great party!

Alexeev Alexey playing his Guitarlele