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ACP Bi-Weekly 63

Nov 04

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Putting awesome back in animation!

The ACP podcast is presented by: Morten, Carl, Will and Erlend.

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ACP Bi-Weekly 62

Oct 14

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Get your dose of animation action!

The ACP podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie, Will Ashurst and Erlend Saksehaug.

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ACP Annecy 2010 Day 3 coverage

Jun 10

Day 3.
Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Sorry about embedding the wrong show. This is corrected now.

We are on location at the annual Annecy 2010 animation festival in France. We’ll keep you updated on everything that happens here, starting monday, so that you get to know what you’re missing out on.
Listen to the podcast, and come back to this page for links to anything discussed.

Show notes:

Short films in competition 3:
Je T’Aime, Japan, 2010, 11m45s, Mamoru Oshii
Lipsett’s Diaries/Les Jounaux De Lipsett, France, 2010, 4m6s, Theodore Ushev
About St. Basil/Pro Vasiliya Blazhennogo, Russia, 2009, 13m31s, Natalia Berezovaya, Pilot Moscow Animation Studio
The Village/To Horio, Greece, 2010, 14m50s, Stelios Polychronakis
Don’t Go, Turkey, 2010, 3m51s, Turgut Akacik, Anima Studios Istanbul
Fossil Memory/Memorie Fossile, Belgium, 2009, 10m, Anne-Laure Totaro, Arnaud Demuynck
Hand Soap, Japan, 2008, 16m, Kei Oyama, Aichi Art Center

Despicable Me, France/USA, 2010, 1h28m, Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Illumination Entertainment
That’s it for today, see you tomorrow!