Annecy 2011 Daily Coverage: Day 3

The Show goes on.

The Annecy 2011 daily coverage is presented by Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Day 3 at the Annecy festival turned out to be quite interesting. I managed to pull my self through nearly 8 hours of shorts, presentations and documentaries. The highlight of the day was possibly seeing the world premier of the new Pixar Short: “La Luna”, presented by the director Enrico Casarosa. He was even joined by the good people at Disney, Blue Sky and Warner Animation.

Day 3 highlights:

CMCS3: Short films in competition 3:

    Anne Kristin Berge, Norway, 3m22s.
  2. Captain Hu (Captaine Hu)
    Basil Vogt, Switzerland, 8m37s
  3. Paths of Hate
    Damian Nenow, Poland, 10m30s
  4. A morning Stroll
    Grant Orchard, Great Britain, 6m49s
  5. The Shoemaker (O Sapateiro)
    David Doutel, Vasco Sa, Portugal, 12m
  6. I want a sharp pair of sissors (Les Ciseaux Pointus)
    Laurent Faudrot, France, 3m
  7. Sticky Ends (Croniques de la Poisse)
    Osman Cerfon, France, 6m17s
  8. Junk
    Kirk Hendry, Great britain, 6m30s
  9. Maska
    Quay Brothers, Poland, 23m35s

Presentation: Warner Animation in the 21st Century

Vise President of Creative Affairs at Warner Animation, Sam Register gave a talk on how to preserve the legacy of the greatest cast of animated characters in history and still make money.

Documentary: Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible

Leslie Iwerks’ latest documentary was made on commission from the TV-channel Starz. It is brief walkthrough of the worlds leading VFX-company, ILM, presented by a row of notable directors that has been involved in their making.

Origin: USA.
Length: 59m30s
Directed by Leslie Iwerks.

Presentation: Studio Shorts:

Blue Sky, Warner Animation and Disney Animation screened their latest shorts accompanied by a presentation. Pixar premiered their latest short: “La Luna” and Enrico Casarosa gave a long talk on his inspiration and how the short came to be.

  1. The Ballad of Nessie
    Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Disney Animation.
  2. Continental Crack Up
    Carlos Saldanha, Blue Sky
  3. Coyote Falls
    Matthew O’Callaghan, Warner Animation
  4. Fur of Flying
    Matthew O’Callaghan, Warner Animation
  5. Rabid Rider
    Matthew O’Callaghan, Warner Animation
  6. La Luna
    Enrico Casarosa, Pixar Animation

That’s it for today. See you all tomorrow, and remember to subscribe in iTunes!

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