AC 18: Weekly

Animation Conversation Weekly nr18! The weekly podcast is presented by: Morten Øverlie & Erlend Dal Sakshaug ACPNews: New Starcraft cinematic Virginia Davis of Walt Disney’s Alice Comedies passed away Daft Punk to score Disney´s Tron 2.0 John Kricfalusi and Bill Plympton, each starting up  animation classes.

AC03: Roundtable 2, part 2/2. ‘Acting’

Show notes: Second part of our round table on the topic of Acting. If you haven’t heard the first part, please scroll down this page to the previous post, or click the download button for AC02 in iTunes sensory experience. This may lead to inability in initiating sildenafil erectile. . Cast: William John Ashhurst Stig Saxegaard Morten Øverlie […]