ACP 73: The Megaminds of the South

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Another week of double trouble with Will & Erlend.

The ACP podcast is presented by Will Ashurst and Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Not a great news week, but we try to compensate by reviewing two movies this week. Starting off with a Disney Classic™ from 1946 that is maybe not so classic, “Song of the south”, and finishing off with a newcomer from relative newcomers in the business, Dreamworks Animation Studios’ “Megamind” from 2010.

ACP News:

Classic movie review(s)

This weeks we review two moviesSong of the south

The first one is Song of the south (1946).

Directed by Harve Foster & Wilfred Jackson.

Our verdict: * * * * 4 stars.

The second movie of the week is Dreamworks’ “Megamind” (2010)megamind-will-ferrell-vs-brad-pitt

Directed by: Tom McGrath

Our verdict: * * * * * * * 7 stars

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For next week, we will review the Farrelly brother’s: “Osmosis Jones” from 2001.


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