ACP 74: Early summer jam

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Doin’ a whole lot of nothing.

The ACP podcast is presented by Carl F. Corneil and Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

Great week for doing next to nothing
. Carl god shit canned from his work place and Erlend chooses to stay home and watch trailers on youtube (inbetween killing hens and walking his dog). This week we go inside Bill Murrey’s dirty skin and watch the Warner Brothers somewhat classic movie “Osmosis Jones” from 2001.

ACP News:

Classic movie review

This weeks we review Osmosis Jones (2001).

Directed by Bobby & Peter Farrelly.

Our verdict: * * * * * * * 7 stars.


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Enjoy the show!

Carl & Will & Erlend



One thought on “ACP 74: Early summer jam”

  • Hello Animation Conversation,
    Thank you so much for doing a show on Osmosis Jones. I think this movie is highly underrated and does not get good attention in the states. It definitely has some American humor that may not translate well overseas. That was a risky move considering that a lot of animation is designed to have broad appeal. I do agree that it gets dated over time. What I like most is that it has a different type of story than most movies. The live action integration was a nice touch. I also like the urban appeal that it has. The music appeals to an urban audience, and three of the main voice actors are African American. Sometimes we don’t see much diversity coming from animation, and I am glad that Osmosis Jones took that step. Lastly I want to know if you saw the animation flub in the beginning. When Osmosis meets Drix for the first time, as he is walking through the cherry smoke, his lips move before the audio: “what is that cherry stank?”.
    Love the show. Take care

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