Annecy 2011 Daily Coverage: Day 1

Festival season!

The Annecy 2011 daily coverage is presented by Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

It’s summer, it’s 2011 and it’s once again the annual Annecy festival in France. You may not be there, but the ACP-crew is. So again, we are your only “live” coverage source of the festival

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. We will be summing up the program every day, starting monday and ending  saturday, so make sure you sync that <insert gadget brandname here> at least once a day.

Day 1 highlights:

CMCS1: Short films in competition 1:

  1. Sudd (Out of erasers).
    Erik Rosenlund, Sweden/Denmark, 15m.
  2. Birdboy
    Pedro Rivero, Alberto Vazques, Spain, 12m15s
  3. Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish!
    Jody Kramer, Canada, 3m35s
  4. Switez
    Kamil Polak, Poland/France/Canada/Switzerland/Denmark, 20m38s
  5. Pixels
    Patrick Jean, France, 1m30s
  6. Schlaf (Sleep)
    Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun, Switzerland, 4m10s
  7. Metel (Snowstorm)
    Maria Mouat, Russia, 12m40s
  8. Big Bang Big Boom
    Blu, Italy, 9m55s

Adventures in Plymptoons:

Alexia Anastasio’s documentary on Pill Plympton’s life and work is funny, informative, fast, full of action and maybe 20 minutes too long. Still, very enjoyable!

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