ACP 70: Nik, Nancy & Alexey

Nik, Nancy, Alexey and the ACP Team

Interview with Nik Phelps, Nancy Denney-Phelps & Alexey Alexeev.

This weeks ACP podcast is presented by: Will Ashurst, Morten Øverlie and Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

This week we bring you our talk with legendary festival goers Nik & Nancy, pluss their old friend, animator Alexey Alexeev.

Composer Nik Phelps lives in Gent, Belgium with his wife, Nancy and Remi, a West Highland Terrier

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. He has recorded with Tom Waits and Dan Hicks, and has appeared with Tony Bennett, Earl “Fatha” Hines, Frank Zappa, Joe Williams and numerous other popular musicians. He is also an animation enthusiast, and travels around Europe, teaching music and it’s connection to animation.

Nancy Denney-Phelps is most famous for her blog at AWN: Nancy’s Animated World, where she covers animation festivals from all of Europe. She is also one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet, always smiling and handing out kind words to everyone she meets.

Alexey Alexeev name was quickly put on the map among animators after his 2009 youtube hit: KJFG No 5, also known as Log Jam. Among his other work, being the series director on Mr. Bean: The Animated Series is worth a mention. Oh, and he plays a mean guitalele.

Thanks to Nik, Nancy and Alexey for doing the interview, and to The Fredrikstad Animation Festival for supplying a room for us to do our interviews.

Enjoy the show!

Morten & Will & Erlend

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