ACP 71: Carlpunzel – unbraided

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Oh, great (sigh!) They’re back.

The ACP podcast is presented by: Will Ashurst, Carl Corneil and Erlend Dal Sakshaug.

What a great week to return to podcasting. We are no longer caught up doing nothing, and again able to bring you all kinds of old man’s rants and general complaining. And then there is Carl: He is still young and hopeful. Boy is he wrong.

ACP News:

Classic movie review

Tangled horse and rapunzel

This weeks movie is “Tangled” (2010).

Directed by Nathan Greno & Byron Howard.

Our verdict: * * * * * * 6 stars.

For next week, we will review the Disney classic: “Song of the South” from 1946 (this time, for real. We promise.)


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Enjoy the show!

Carl & Will & Erlend



2 thoughts on “ACP 71: Carlpunzel – unbraided”

  • Wizard of Id is a syndicated newspaper comic strip.
    The strip can be found at:
    The Henson short can be found on YouTube:

    As far as I can tell, Song of the South has never been legally released on DVD.
    However, about all the animated clips were played on The Wonderful World of
    Disney and various Disney specials. There does seem to be some pirate copies
    around. I think many who haven’t seen it would be surprised that it’s mostly a live-action film
    with a few animated segments, although if one only saw the animated part they
    could easily get the impression that the whole film is animated.

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